Our Story

Hi, I’m Alan Johnk, creator of Santa’s Little Helpers, a board game that brings families together during Christmas in a brand-new way! Like many families, we celebrate Christmas and the spirit of gift giving. Growing up, my sister and I would wake up early, rush down the stairs, and tear open each present with our names on them. Within minutes, we were sitting in a pile of empty boxes and wrapping paper. Christmas had flown by, but something always felt like it was missing.

I soon realized Christmas was about more than just receiving presents. It was a time to slow down, create memories, and cherish our relationships with friends and family. This got me thinking - what could I do to make Christmas last longer and be more enjoyable and meaningful?

That’s when I thought of Santa’s Little Helpers! I created Santas's Little Helpers to help us slow down and spend more quality time together on Christmas Day. I hope to share the joy this game has brought to our Christmas mornings with families around the world.